THE “MAKING OF” A Grain Of Sand

Chance & Fate Are Often Confused

The Island As A Microcosm

The Pitfalls Of Commercial Creation

From Imagination To Realization

The Gadgets Behind A Grain Of Sand

The Techniques & Influences Behind A Grain Of Sand

The Beauty Of Purpose

The Creation Of Narrative

Jordi Cirbian, Jaume Avizanda, Joseph Johnson Cami
Jordi Cirbian, Brendon Grimshaw, Joseph Johnson Cami

The Importance Of Being Naive & Humane

Manel Capdevila, Jaume Avizanda
Jaume Avizanda, Manel Capdevila, Joseph Johnson Cami
A Grain of Sand Crew on Moyenne Island
The Crew and Cast in A Grain of Sand (2009)
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